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KKR vs PBKS Head To Head Record - IPL 2023

IPL 2023 Match 53 - Kolkata Knight Riders vs Punjab Kings head to head records. Detailed information for KKR vs PBKS head to head stats

Posted Date: May 05, 2023

Posted By: Joy

KKR vs PBKS Head To Head Record - IPL 2023
KKR vs PBKS Head To Head Record - IPL 2023

KKR vs PBKS Match Preview

Kolkata Knight Riders and Punjab Kings will go head to head against each other one more time this season. Match 53 of the IPL 2023 will take place at KKR home ground Eden Gardens on 8th May.

KKR is currently at the 8th position on the points table with 4 wins in 10 matches while PBKS is at the 7th spot with 5 wins so far.

Let’s take a look at the head to head stats for the KKS vs PBKS IPL match.

KKR vs PBKS Head to Head Record IPL

  Matches Played KKR Won PBKS Won NR
IPL 31 20 11 0
At Kolkata 10 7 3 0
Last 5 Matches 5 2 3 0
IPL 2022 1 1 0 0

KKR and PBKS have been part of the league since the first season in 2008. Since then they have 31 matches against each other out of which KKR is dominating with 20 wins while PBKS have won 11 times.

In the 2022 season, KKR and PBKS faced each other one time and KKR won the match by 6 wickets.

These two will face each other for the second time this season. The first match took place on 1st April at PCA Stadium and PBKS won the match by 7 runs with DLS method.

The next head to head will take place at KKR’s home ground at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. KKR and PBKS have played 10 matches against each other here and the home team has an advantage of 7 wins while PBKS have won 3 times.

One of the most thriller matches between KKR and PBKS took place in the 2014 season when they faced each other in the final match and KKR chased a target of 200 runs in 19.3 overs and won the match by 3 wickets.

KKR vs PBKS Head To Head Lowest & Highest Total

Highest score vs PBKS 245 Highest score vs KKR 214
Lowest score vs PBKS 109 Lowest score vs KKR 119

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