Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files designed to save and collect information that helps a website in understanding its visitor, the browsing preferences and sometimes in marketing and communicating with the user. Cookies are saved both on mobile and desktop version and saves a visitor from refilling and resetting preferences and information like Login username, language, location etc.

Use of Cookies

These cookies are used for various reasons, from the ones that help a website work or function with basic but important information like language preference, user-name and other search choices opted for by the visitor, to tracking details that helps in keeping a track on the links clicked, ads preferred, broken links, products liked, time spent etc which helps the adverts and making user experience of a visitor better and enhanced.

Type of Cookies

Session Cookie

- These are the type of temporary cookies that are automatically on their own deleted or disabled as soon as the visitor or user ends the browsing session.

Permanent Cookie

- These are the type of cookies that are not deleted upon closing the browser or terminating the browsing session; these must be deleted by changing the settings.

First Party Cookie

- Cookies set up, by the website like, upon a visitor's browsing of the website and accepting the same at their ends.

Third Party Cookie / Analytic Cookie

- Third Party Cookies or Affiliate Cookies are also known as Analytic Cookies or Marketing cookies used to identify the visitor's preference largely to help the adverts and presents the more customised and preferential services or advertisements. A visitor or user can always disable them.

Necessary or Important Cookie

These are the cookies that play major role in functioning of the website, from the information on the language selected, name provided, payment method opted to other such choices that help a website navigate from page to another in the given session, these cookies cannot be turned off and are highly important ones.

Marketing Cookie

Used for tracking of a user's or visitor's activities like ads clicked, pages visited, time spent, bounce rate, Likes or Dislikes or Follows, preferences during browsing and browsing history etc. These type of Cookies are helpful to both the websites and the business or third party affiliates to monitor the visitor's preference for better & personalised experience as well to monitor the success and performance of their adverts.

Performance Cookie

Performance Cookies or User Experience Cookies are help store data to enhance the website's performance with information on website's performance,e user's preference, adverts performance etc. This form of cookie doesn't not store any personally identifiable details and can be disabled anytime.