Cricket Betting Guide

Understanding the pulse or rules of cricket betting industry is where it all begins, your first step to successful betting. Stakes, Odds, In-Play betting and Bet-slip; know what it all means!

  2. Cricket Betting Guide

Everything about online cricket betting

You might love cricket, you might know what a bet type means or you might have the funds to start betting on the game, but it takes more than just passion for the game to make a successful betting debut. Unless you know what a cricket betting site has to offer to you, when picking one, the various betting types that are available or other betting basics to look for, you aren't ready.

Betting on a cricket match by randomly picking a site, selecting first match or option you see on screen holds a higher chance of losing every penny you bet, with few lucky exceptions after all its all about luck and right predictions.

Following are few factors you need to look at before you jump into online cricket betting:

Online Cricket Betting Platform - Bookmakers

Cricket Betting sites, often formally known as Bookmakers, are platform that present opportunity to place bets on different form of cricket ranging from One day matches, Test matches to the current favorite Twenty20 series. Internet is full of big bookmakers starting from Bet365, William Hill to many more; each of these sportsbook cover Cricket among its top sports but what makes them differ from one another is the in-play events, match odds, betting options/ bet types, banking feasibility, countries accepted, currencies accepted, mobile betting access, bonuses and much more.

Selecting a genuine cricket betting site means easy and hassle free sign up, betting money is safe and withdrawal process is effortless; these trusted websites also are known for their promotions, player bonus and additional benefits.

Bet Now What to look for? Always ask this yourself when selecting a bookmaker. Here are the key selection points:

  • Reputation of the bookmaker
  • Does it accept members from your country?
  • Is there a customer support?
  • Are your sports covered?
  • What kind if cricket betting events are covered?
  • Is the sign-up free?
  • Are there any bonuses offered?
  • Ease of online banking

Different types of Bets in Cricket

Online Cricket betting is no longer restricted to betting on the winning team; today the process of predicting the game outcome has expanded its horizon by including various factors like performance of a bowler, highest runs scored by a batsman, total score in an inning, etc. With so many betting options available, the winning odds have risen too. Large betting possibilities arisen due to introduction of various types of bets in Cricket is why even beginners end up making the most of their wagering.

What started as a bet on winning team or prediction of the winner has now become an exciting and entertaining bundle of options, ranging from betting on winner of the tournament, match odds, best bowler, top batsman, highest inning runs and etc.

  • Match outcome Match outcome
  • Top Batsman Top Batsman
  • Best Bowler Best Bowler
  • Toss winner Toss winner
  • Maximum Sixes Maximum Sixes
  • Maximum Fours Maximum Fours
  • Partnership bet Partnership bet
  • Maximum score in an Innings Maximum score in an Innings
  • Predicting top score Predicting top score
  • Man of the Match Man of the Match

Cricket Betting Glossary

  • Betting Exchange:

    A market place where betting odds are fixed. Betting exchange service allows embers to either BACK a bet as better or be the bookmaker and Lay the bet.

  • Bookmaker:

    Bookmaker, also known as Sportsbook, is the platform offering betting services. Any betting company legally allowed to offer betting odds is called a Bookmaker.

  • Back:

    To back a team to win or support it. Backing a team to win by betting on it is called BACK.

  • Lay:

    To bet or predict that particular betting outcome will not take place. This bet makes a member partial bookmaker as the person has to pay the fixed odds on losing. Here you bet that a particular team wont win no matter which other team wins.

Cricket Betting on Mobile Cricket Betting on Mobile

Many leading and trusted Cricket betting sites are now allowing fans to bet on a tournament or a match through their mobile phones. Mobile betting is not only adding to the glory and benefit of a bookmaker seeking to attract new generation wagers, who tend to spend more time on their phone than a laptop, but it is also equally an advantage to Cricket enthusiasts seeking access to their favorite sport 24/7.

Live streaming, great bonus, wider in-play events and latest news are now easily accessible through mobile betting, supported by many trustworthy Cricket betting sites. Users who prefer to go with mobile betting are often given extra promotions and bonuses to make this form of Cricket betting more desirable.

banking options Types of banking options

When it comes to banking or making financial transactions, online betting has few restrictions. New laws or banking limitations are often what makes a betting site inaccessible to some countries. This is why before you start your Cricket betting adventure, it is important to know what your banking options are.

Understanding of various banking options available is not only important to begin a betting experience, but is also the key to finding the right betting site. A betting site chosen on basis of best betting types and top bonus can end up being a waste of time, if you did not focus on various deposit or withdrawal options available to you. Efforts spent on searching a site would be of no use if the selected betting site does not support banking options, or currency options, suitable to you or accepted in your region or country.

eWallets - eWallets or electronic wallets are one of the most preferred means of funding an online cricket betting site. While eWallets are safe, quick and easy they also have various other added advantages to them. Unlike Credit Cards, there is less restrictions to eWallet usage. Even if your region does not support one eWallet, there are many others to choose from.

Credit Cards - Credit Cards are the swiftest and most convenient means of online banking. You don't need to create another account to fund money to your betting site and there is less hassle as everything is done through your Credit Card, which can be managed through transaction history and bank details. But Credit Cards aren't a winner for everyone, as in some countries law restricts a user to use Credit Card for online betting or gambling. Make sure you read the Banking T& of your preferred or selected bookmaker.

Pre-paid Cards - Pre Paid vouchers or cards are also quite popular among many users making online transactions with merchants like betting sites. What makes prepaid cards like Ukash or PaySafeCard easy and user friendly is the fact that they are like vouchers that can be easily purchased through local shop or store, they do not charge extra but the amount you want to fund, they do not require you to give your Credit Card details or Bank information.