How to Bet on Cricket Online?

Online Cricket Betting is the sum of competitive odds, variant betting markets, in play, live streaming and much more with a safe and secure cricket betting site. Choose and bet now.

  2. How to bet on cricket

Online cricket betting is way more interesting to do, than it sounds. All you need is the right cricket betting site and you have the world right at your fingertips. Now, if you are worried about how to make the first move, we have got you covered with all the cricket betting tips. We have listed down every possible step and aspect relative to cricket betting, so that by the end of the page, you are all set to simply bet and win.

How to Bet

How to bet on Cricket Online

We are here to help you take baby steps in analyzing the factors for choosing the right cricket betting site, making deposits, placing bets, availing promotional offers and a lot more. You can also get to know about the other exclusive services that you can make use of to make your cricket betting journey, an unforgettable one.

We have also listed few trusted cricket betting sites that have been preferred the most for betting since their start.

Now, let us begin with sharing our knowledge of cricket betting with you:

Step 1 How To Select a Cricket Betting Site?

You have won half of the battle if you find the right cricket betting site for yourself. It lays down the foundation for your cricket betting journey. So, to make the foundation strong, you should choose such a site that offers everything under the sun that you require for betting.

We have few cricket betting sites listed down for your reference such as:

However, the final choice is yours. Wondering on how to make a choice? You can easily do so by seeing if the cricket betting site has features like multiple betting markets, cracking odds, live streaming, live betting, mobile applications, 24*7 customer support and many more. As a punter, you should not compromise on any aspect related to cricket betting and should only go for the one that is an all in one destination.

Check out the important factors before zeroing down a cricket betting site for you:

Privacy & Security

This factor should be a top priority for you before making your final decision. As a punter, you should not compromise on security of your personal and transactional information and reliability or authenticity of the cricket betting site. Even if it offers you a huge bouquet of services or features, they are all waste if it is not authorized to do so. The safety aspect of it is judged by the authority certifications that it has, such as from the Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission or any other gambling regulatory body and the security measures that it has like 128 bits SSL encryption, firewall protection etc.

Cricket betting markets and odds

It is vital to consider that whether a sportsbook has variety in terms of cricket betting markets and odds or not? It should not only have various cricket tournaments like ICC World Cup, The Ashes, ICC Champions Trophy etc. for betting but also multiple cricket betting markets such as Maximum Wickets Taken, Runs Scored in 1st over, Outright etc. to choose from. The competitive and dynamic odds on variety of markets make the punting exercise an even more interesting one. It further gives the chance to cricket betting enthusiasts to try their luck on various markets and win big.

Exclusive Features

The horizon of cricket betting site should also extend to the exclusive services like In-Play, Live Streaming and Mobile Betting which play a vital role in improving the punting experience of both the old and the new ones. These features ensure a smooth sail of the cricket betting enthusiasts as they can place their bets on the live matches while watching them along. On the other hand, the mobile app allows them to place their bets and use any other feature while they are on a go. So, you should definitely look for all these services before choosing a cricket betting site for you.

Promotions: Bonuses and Offers

Cricket betting is a fun ride in itself but to make it a roller-coaster for the punters, the interesting offers and cash-backs are enough. To be able to earn more either in terms of free bet, cash back or bonus amount is a win-win situation for the gamblers. A cricket betting site that knows how to keep the punters interested in betting, has multiple promotional offers on new registrations, deposits, wagering like New User Welcome Bonus,First Deposit Bonus, Free Bet Offer etc. respectively. So, you should also confirm that they are available with the cricket betting site that you choose, so that you can use them to your best advantage.

Have a look at the welcome offers provided by different sites, so that you can make a choice as getting the best welcome bonus is essential when choosing a cricket betting site

Top Cricket Betting Sites

Here we present to you our personal favorites, because they are just perfect to fulfill the needs of the cricket betting enthusiasts, whether new or old ones. Have a look:


If you are thinking about how to bet on cricket, then 10Cric is the answer!

With its establishment in 2013, 10Cric has ensured that the cricket betting enthusiasts get facilities like safe user interface, quick sign up, in play, live streaming and much more. It has an edge over others with its Bitcoin sports betting that enables you to place your bets in an effective manner. You can also download the 10Cric Mobile App, a faster and mobile optimized version of the cricket betting site. With multiple international and local tournaments like ICC World Cup, The Ashes, Indian Premier League etc. available for betting, each of them further has a gamut of cricket betting markets like Toss Win, Total Runs in 1st Over, Method of Dismissal etc. along with live and competitive odds.

Are you still wondering if you should join it or not? If you are, then here is another amazing aspect on the block with 10Cric that you just can't miss a good Welcome Bonus if you visit and and register at 10Cric.


Betway is another one sharing the same position with 10Cric. Founded in 2006 as a member of the Betway Group which is globally recognized as a leading provider of first class online entertainment, there has been no looking back for Betway. With authorizations from Malta Gaming Authority, Danish Gaming Authority, Belgian Gaming Commission etc, you can be assured of the safety of your funds and personal information. Having tournaments or matches of all the three formats of Twenty-20, One Day Internationals, Test Matches along with live odds during in-play enables the punters to make the most of their cricket betting experience with Betway. The ease of deposit and withdrawal on the secure platform of Betway accompanied by offers like free bets or cash back is a perfect treat for the users.

Step 2 How To Register With a Cricket Betting Site

After making up your mind about the cricket betting site that you want to proceed with, you have to create a betting account with it. Every sportsbook has its own way of account registration, however it is very simple for you to make through it. Have a look.

  • Click on the 'Join Now' or 'Register' tab present on homepage of the cricket betting site.
  • You will then be taken to the registration form in which you have to fill in the following details:
    • Account details like account id and password, preferred currency, language
    • Personal details like name, gender, age, country of residence
    • Contact details like phone, mail id, residential address etc.
  • After completing the form, you have to confirm that you are of legal age to gamble i.e 18 years and above by ticking the concerned check box.
  • Then submit all the details to complete your account registration process.
  • Your account will be created instantly, thus making you eligible to use the login tab of the particular cricket betting site.

Step 3 How To Deposit at Cricket Betting Sites?

After the first stepping stone of account creation with the cricket betting site, you then have to make a deposit to initiate your betting. They have multiple payment gateways to carry forward with your deposits along with a very simple deposit process to follow. Have a look at the deposit options that are available with majority of them:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards

    Both debit and credit card are the most used payment methods as you are assured of the authenticity. However, you need to exercise caution while entering your details along with it, as major problems arise in regards to identity or address verification at the time of withdrawal.

  • E-Wallets

    With everything going online, the payment methods also registered a seat for themselves with introduction of e-wallets that allow transfer of money from one account to another. Funds can now be moved to and fro as and when you want to without much trouble. You simply have to create your account with any of the ones mentioned below and you are good to go for further use:

    • Neteller

      One of the best players of the e-wallets arena, Neteller has been expanding its operation and reach since its start in 1999. It allows you to transfer funds to and from one online account to another within 28 currency denominations. With 24/7 money transfer assistance, it is a reliable and authentic payment gateway having users from all across the globe. You can easily get rid of the problems of the traditional payment methods by using Neteller, however the only hurdle in your way is that of account verification during the registration process, which is necessary for safety of your funds itself. Using this method with the cricket betting sites can also lead you to get some benefits in terms of free bets, offers and cashbacks.

    • Skrill

      With the same parent company like that of Neteller, it is another payment method that is here to ease your deposit and withdrawal processes. Allowing low cost money transfers since its birth in 2001, it has become another favorite of the punters. Supported by all major cricket betting sites like 1xbet, 10Cric etc. it is one safe and secure payment method to use. It accepts 36 currencies for transactional purposes, thus enabling punters spread across the globe to easily transfer their funds.

    • Paypal

      This E- wallet enables instant transfer of funds to a betting site, by simply using your registered email address and password for sending and receiving money. It is an American based electronic payment method that has numerous users spread across the globe. It is a reliable payment portal that facilitates both easy deposit and withdrawal across different accounts and networks.

  • Prepaid Cards

    This E- wallet enables instant transfer of funds to a betting site, by simply using your registered email address and password for sending and receiving money. It is an American based electronic payment method that has numerous users spread across the globe. It is a reliable payment portal that facilitates both easy deposit and withdrawal across different accounts and networks.

    • Astropay
    • Neosurf

These payment gateways are subject to change depending upon the region or country that you are accessing your betting account from.

The deposit process followed by a cricket betting site is summed up as follows:

  • Click on the 'Bank' or 'Deposit' tab available at the homepage, when logged in.
  • You are then directed towards the 'Deposit Window' which lists down all the methods available. Choose a method convenient for you.
  • On doing so, you have to fill in details corresponding to your selected method. Example: If you choose debit card, you have to enter details like deposit amount, card number, card holder's name, CVV number etc.
  • Then submit the details to get your deposit request into action. In majority of the cases, your betting account is loaded with the specified amount instantly, however in few cases, it might take few hours to get the process completed.

Step 4 How To Place A Bet?

Here comes the most awaited destination of your journey i.e placing your bet. This is the sole reason as to why a punter joins a cricket betting site. It is one interesting experience, given that you make the right use of instincts and understanding that can fetch you huge winnings. But, before that you need to get your few concepts clear which are as follows:

What are cricket betting odds?

As primary education lays foundation for our further course of study, similarly the odds form the backbone of the cricket betting practice and should be well understood in the first place itself.

So, here we have a few cricket betting tips related to the concept of odds. If you are wondering as to why they are of so much importance, we will tell you why and how!

In literal sense, odds determine your potential winnings. This means that how much you will earn after your bet has won depends on the odds that you choose. For instance: For team A and team B, the odds are 1.4 and 7.8 for being the Match-Winner.

  • You place your bet at Team A being the winner and your bet wins: You earn 1.4*10= $14
  • You place your bet at Team B as the winner and your bet wins: You earn 7.8*10= $78

In case your bet loses, you simply lose the $10 that you wagered on the cricket betting market and odds. Also, it is important to know that lower the odds, higher are the chances of an event to happen and vice-versa. So make your decision wisely and you can choose between the most commonly used odds format of Fraction, Decimal and American.

Once you are through with the functioning of odds, you can then place your online bets on your chosen cricket betting site in the following manner:

  • Click on 'Sports' tab present on the homepage which will direct you to the column consisting of all the sports on offer.
  • Then choose 'Cricket' from amongst the sports.
  • On doing so, all the tournaments or matches will be on display for you to choose from.
  • As you choose the particular match, all its related cricket betting markets would be displayed along with their respective odds. Have a look at few of them:
    1. Match Winner
    2. Maximum Wickets
    3. Maximum Runs Scored
    4. Outright
    5. Best Player of the Tournament
    6. 1st Over Total Runs
    7. Number of Hit Wickets
    8. Toss Win and many more
  • You then have to choose the betting market and the odds that you want to place your bet on which subsequently get added to the bet slip.
  • On the bet slip, you also have to enter the amount that you wish to stake. Your potential winnings based on odds will also be displayed.
  • Then click on 'Place Bets' to confirm your bet with the sportsbook.

How To Place A Bet on 10Cric and 1xbet?

As mentioned earlier, 10Cric and 1xbet are our two favorite cricket betting sites owing to their storehouse of vast features, capable enough to satisfy the needs of the punters at any point of time. After knowing our clear preferences, even you might be having a thought of giving either of these a try. Follow through as to how you can start your cricket betting journey with the two:

Placing Bets at 10Cric: Creating an account is a very easy process with this cricket betting site and placing a bet with it is also no rocket science. You just need to fill in the basic details in the registration form, followed by identity verification. As soon as your account is created, you can start your cricket betting and earn with it.

Placing Bets at 1xbet: If you are more impressed with the services or features of this particular cricket betting site, then you can go ahead with this too. Like 10Cric, it also has a very simple registration process followed by the deposit segment. You can then choose cricket and its related betting markets. Just remember to use your wits and understanding of odds right so that you can fill your account with a good amount of earnings.

Step 5 How To Withdraw Your Winnings

When your bet wins, you can then withdraw your winnings by using the withdrawal methods available to you. The most commonly used methods are Debit/Credit Card,Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Entropay etc. However, in majority of the cases your with-drawings are credited to the deposit method that you chose to make a deposit. You can initiate a cash out from the cricket betting site in the following manner:

  • Click on 'Withdraw' or 'Bank' tab present on the homepage.
  • You will then be directed to the withdrawal page to choose the method you want to use.
  • Then enter the details of the chosen method such as amount to be withdrawn, account number etc.
  • Submit them to get your withdrawal request into action.

In a nutshell, the process of online cricket betting kick starts from choosing an all in one cricket betting site and ends up on withdrawing your winnings

Since now you have become a well informed punter, you can make a wise decision in choosing the best cricket betting site that has all the features that you require. You can then also place your cricket bets by striking the right chord between your intuitions and given odds.