Using Skril lfor Deposit at Cricket betting sites

An easy, swift and secure way to deposit and withdraw money from cricket betting sites.

Skrill is one of the best e-wallets around for depositing funds to online sports betting sites and offers many advantages over other deposit methods. Once you have your account set up and loaded with funds, depositing money to betting accounts becomes very easy in addition to being reliable.

Why Use Skrill for Funding Betting Sites?

Swift Transactions

You can transfer money from your Skrill account to your betting account instantly. This ensures that your betting account will always remain funded and there will be no interruptions in your betting activities.

Secure Transactions

While Skrill facilitates easy and instant money transfers to online sports betting accounts, it also ensures that your transactions are safe by employing the highest standards of security measures. The encryption techniques used are among the most advanced in the world which means your transactions cannot be overseen by any third-party.


If you fund your betting accounts via bank transfer or credit/debit card, the transactions along with the names of betting sites will appear on your bank/card records which could land you in trouble if online gambling is illegal in your region. Skrill eliminates this scenario as it offers the highest degree of privacy. So if you use this e-wallet to fund your betting account, only the transactions between your bank and the e-wallet will show up.

Low Transaction Fee

One of the major benefits of using Skrill for funding online betting sites is that it charges a low fee per transaction and has the lowest fee for withdrawals to your bank account. You will be charged with only 1% transaction fee when transferring funds from your Skrill account to your betting account and 1.90% when uploading funds to the e-wallet.

User-friendly and Convenient

Skrill offers several features that make it one of the most user-friendly and convenient payment processors available online. You can make deposits to your betting accounts by simply entering your registered email ID and password. And since you also have the option of linking your credit/debit cards and bank accounts with your Skrill account, you don't need to input your card/back account details everytime you want to make a deposit to your betting account.

How to Create an Account with Skrill

Creating an account with Skrill is really very easy. However, some of the steps might be a little confusing for you and that's why we have created a step-by-step guide to help you create your Skrill account.

Note: You must know that only one account per person can be created with Skrill. If you create multiple accounts, the site in accordance with its security protocol may not grant you access to any of them. Also make sure to check your inputs carefully, especially the currency part as you will not be permitted to make changes later on. Extra charges will be incurred to your transfers if the currency selected in your Skrill account is not the same as that in your betting account.

Step 01 Choose 'Personal Account' Option

Visit Here, you will have two options for signing up - personal account and business account. For funding your betting account at an online cricket betting site, you should proceed with the 'personal account' option. For setting up a personal account, click on 'Open Your Free Account' on the website's homepage.

Step 02 Fill out the Registration Form

Next, you will need to fill up a registration form with details such as your preferred e-mail and password. Then hit the 'Next' button after confirming your password.

Step 03 Provide Your Personal Details

Here, you will be asked to provide your personal information such as first Name, surname and date of birth. Clicking 'Next' will take you to the 'Country & Wallet Currency' form.

Step 04 Select Your Country and Currency

From the dropdowns, select your country of residence and the currency which you will be using to fund your betting account. Make sure you have selected the currency carefully as you will not be allowed to change it once your Skrill account has been created. Click the 'Next' button for the final form.

Step 05 Activate Your Skrill Account

This final window will require you to provide your phone number, check the bot filter along with the checkbox for acknowledging the website's terms and conditions as well as privacy policy. Clicking the 'Open Account' button will then activate your Skrill account.

Step 06 Verify Your E-mail and Postal Address

At this stage, your Skrill account has been created but before you can start using it, you will need to verify both your e-mail as well as postal address. For the verification of your e-mail, you will receive an e-mail from Skrill with a verification link at the e-mail ID that you provided during the registration process. Clicking that link will get your e-mail address verified. Now, for the verification of your postal address, you will be sent a six-digit code from Skrill via postal mail at the address that you registered with. Entering this code in your Skrill account at the verification page will verify your postal address. Upon successful completion of this step, your limit for deposits and withdrawals will be increased.

How to Deposit Money in Skrill Account

You can deposit money in your Skrill account using the most widely accepted payment processors like MasterCard and VISA in addition to bank wire transfer. While some of them are free, some charge a certain fee for transferring money to a Skrill account and the amount varies depending on the payment method used. Maestro, bank transfer and cheque should be your preferred payment methods as they are all free, meaning that there will be no fee attached to the transfer. However, it could take some time before the funds reach your Skrill account. MasterCard and VISA both charge 1.90% transaction fee but the transfers are instant. So you are advised to use these options for transferring only small amounts and only if you want to use your Skrill account immediately to fund your betting account.

Simply follow the below mentioned steps for depositing money in your Skrill account:

Step 1 :- Log in to Your Skrill Account

On the Skrill website's homepage, click 'Log In' on the top-right corner of the screen. Enter your e-mail ID and password and then click the 'Login' button to access your account screen.

Step 2 :- Select Your Deposit Method

After logging in to your account, click 'Upload Funds' to view all the available deposit methods like Credit/debit card, Instant Bank Transfer, paysafecard and Manual Bank Transfer and then select your preferred payment method.

Step 3 :- Make Your Deposit

Enter the amount of money you want to transfer to your Skrill account and then hit the 'Next' button. Based on the chosen deposit method, follow the remaining steps to complete the funding process. If bank transfer was your selected option, then it would take 2-5 days for the balance to reflect in your account. If you chose credit/debit card, the balance in your account should reflect immediately.

Once you have money in your Skrill account, you can use it to start depositing at cricket betting sites. However, please be aware that a 1% transaction fee will be charged by Skrill for every transfer made to a sports betting portal. Though the transaction fee is capped at €10, frequent money transfers between different sportsbooks can be quite expensive.

Using Skrill to Transfer Money to Bet365

Please note that you must have more than USD $10 (or its equivalent if using a different currency) in your Skrill account in order to make a transfer to your betting account at Bet365.

Step 1 :- Log in to Your Bet365 Account

Visit Enter your username and password at the homepage and then click the 'GO' button.

Step 2 :- Click 'Deposit'

After you have logged in to your Bet365 account, the 'Deposit' button will appear in the top-right corner of the screen and you will need to click on that.

Step 3 :-Select Skrill as Payment Method

From the list of available options under 'Payment Method', select Skrill as your preferred payment method. Now select the currency in which you will be making the deposit. You are advised to use the same currency as that in your Skrill account to avoid transaction charges on future deposits and withdrawals from your Bet365 account. You will then need to enter the amount you want to deposit (which must be more than USD $10). Enter your password and finally click 'Make Deposit'.

Step 4 :- Skip the Next Page

After clicking on the 'Make Deposit' button, you will be directed to the Skrill Page wherein you will be asked to provide your payment details. You don't have to fill any of these fields and simply click 'I already have a Skrill account' at the bottom of the page.

Step 4 :- Sign in to Your Skrill Account

The next page will require you to enter your Skrill login credentials (Email and Password). Once done, click on 'Login' to complete the money transfer from your Skrill account to your Bet365 account.

Now that you have successfully funded your Bet365 account from Skrill, you can start placing bets on your favorite cricket betting markets. If you don't know how to place bets at Bet365, you might want to read our How to Bet on Bet365 section.