Cricket Live Streaming

Get to know the best place for watching cricket matches live online and learn how you can stream them from your desktop and mobile phones.

Live streaming of cricket matches is becoming increasingly popular by the day as it eliminates the need for fans to remain glued to their TV sets for hours. With the advent of high-speed internet connection, people can now enjoy the live coverage of their favorite sport on their desktops and even on the move via mobile phones and tablets. The live streaming facility is also beneficial to punters who want to monitor their current status and wagers. That's why many cricket betting sites have started to offer live streaming options so that bettors can place live bets as the action unfolds before them.

Where to Watch Cricket Live Stream?

There are plenty of websites on the internet that offer live streaming services but not all of them are legal, and most of the ones that are, have a high membership fee. So if you're short on bucks and want to watch the live coverage of cricket online in a legal way, your best option would be to watch at a cricket betting site. One of the major advantages with a betting site (if you're into betting that is) is that you can watch the game on which you have wagered on. All you need is a stable and high-speed internet connection to enjoy an uninterrupted live streaming service.

Why Bet365 for Cricket Live Steam?

Out of a plethora of cricket betting sites offering live streaming services, the one that we found the best is Bet365. This sportsbook offers live streams of cricket matches ranging from international tournaments like the ICC World Cup and Champions Trophy to domestic tournaments like the Indian Premier League and Big Bash League. Other bookmakers like Betfair and William Hill too have the live streaming feature but their streams are rather selective and you won't find as wide a range with them as with Bet365.

Moreover, the quality of the live streams at Bet365 is very impressive and if you have a good internet connection, you won't experience any buffering at all. There is also a standalone player available which enables the user to catch all the action even while surfing elsewhere on the site. Finally, Bet365 has apps available for both Android and iOS operating systems which means users can access the live steams on their mobile phones and tablets with convenience.

How to Watch Cricket Live Stream at Bet365?

The first and foremost requirement for watching live streams at Bet365 is to have a minimum internet connection speed of 512kbp/s. Although there are no additional charges for the service, you need to have an account at the site and ensure that you have a positive balance in it. In order to unlock the live streaming service for a cricket match, you need to log in to your account and place a bet on one of the markets of that match at least 24 hours prior to the start of the match. Please refer our How to Bet on Bet365 section to learn how you can place bets at the site. Once you have placed your bet, you just need to wait for that match to start. When the start time approaches, you will have to click on the live streaming link which will then pop open a window where you will get to view the game in real time.

You may not be able to watch the live stream on your desktop if you have a firewall or any other security related software activated as these things normally affect access to the site. So you may need to disable these security features if you encounter a problem with streaming your match. Also make sure you have Flash installed in your system and Javascript enabled within the browser, both of which are essential for the live streaming service to function. You can download the Bet365 betting app for streaming the matches to your mobile phone. Apple users can download it from the iTunes store while Android and Windows users can get it directly from the Bet365 website.

* ‘Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.’

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