How to Bet on Bovada Cricket

Experience cricket betting like never before with Bovada as you follow the complete guide of betting with it.

How to Bet on Bovada - Quicklist

Here is a short list with the steps you need to complete in order to be able to start betting on Bovada online:

Bovada has been in the industry of online gambling from 2011 and there is no looking back for it since then. Hailed as the undisputed king of the sportsbooks operating in USA, it has put exclusive services of Bovada In-Play, multiple betting markets etc. on offer for the bettors.


For the ones who are hunting for a sportsbook that offers diversity and quality of services, Bovada is just the right place to be at. You can place your bets with the sportsbook by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Create Bovada Account

Creating a betting account with Bovada is a very simple task which can be carried out as follows:

  • Click on Join Now present on the homepage


  • The registration window appears requiring you to fill the following

    - First and Last Name
    - Mobile Number
    - Email
    - Password
    - Zipcode



  • You also have to verify that you are of the legal age and accept the terms and conditions of the sportsbook by ticking on the check box attached.
  • Then submit the details to create your Bovada Account instantly.
  • You also have to create a 4 digit security pin as soon as your Bovada account is created. It is used to verify your identity during the withdrawal.
  • On doing so, your account creation process with Bovada is completed.

Step 2: Make A Bovada Deposit

  • As soon as your account is created, the deposit window is displayed on its own asking you to make your first deposit with the sportsbook.


  • The other way to do so is to click on your profile icon at the top right corner.
  • Click on the DEPOSIT tab so available in the displayed menu. And the same window appears that appeared initially.


  • The window consists of multiple methods that you can choose from to make a Bovada deposit. The payment gateways are :
    - Bitcoin   - Bitcoin Cash   - Visa or Master Card   - Zelle   - Voucher
  • Select a method, say Visa Card to initiate the deposit.
  • You then have to enter the requisite details like card number, expiry, CVV, deposit amount etc.


  • You can avail the 50% Sports Welcome Bonus by choosing it from the 'CHOOSE BONUS CODE' section so available. You can add up to $250 on your first deposit and use it for placing your Bovada bet.


  • Click on DEPOSIT to complete your deposit request with the sportsbook.

Your first deposit with Bovada is FREE

Step 3: Place Your Bet with Bovada

Placing your bet with the sportsbook is a very easy process which can be carried out as follows:

  • Click on SPORTS section present on top of the homepage.


  • The whole of the sports menu is then displayed and you can choose a sport of your choice.
  • Choose a sport of your choice, say Cricket. You have multiple options to choose from ranging from boxing, football to areas of cricket betting, darts etc.


  • As you make a choice, all the betting markets of various matches and tournaments are presented.
  • Choose a tournament and a cricket betting market of your choice. For instance: The Ashes 2019 England vs Australia (4th test).


  • Next, choose the odds that you want to bet on, say you bet on England being the winner at the odds of 2.15.


  • The selected option then gets added to the Bovada Bet Slip present on the right.
  • You then have to enter the amount that you want to stake, for example $10. Your expected returns will be simultaneously displayed as $11.5 based upon the odds of 2.15.


  • After reviewing your selections, click on PLACE BETS to confirm your wagering with the sportsbook.

Step 4: Withdraw Your Bovada Betting Winnings

If you are wondering that whether you can initiate a Bovada withdrawal or not, right after your bet wins, then you definitely can. All that needs to be done is mentioned below:

  • Click on your profile icon at the top right corner.
  • Then choose WITHDRAW from the menu so displayed.


  • A window appears consisting of the available withdrawal methods such as :

    - Bitcoin   - Bitcoin Cash   - Voucher   - Check By Courier
  • Choose a method, say Check by Courier as the means of your Bovada withdrawal.
  • You then have to enter details like street address, last 4 digits of your SSN, withdrawal amount corresponding to the chosen method.


  • Click on REQUEST WITHDRAWAL to complete your request.

Other Key Features

  • You can also place a Bovada Live Bet by using the unmatched In-Play feature offered by the sportsbook. With a user friendly interface, it is very easy for the bettors to wager on the constantly changing odds and earn good amount of profits. You can also place Quick Bets under this feature whereby you can place your bets in just one click.
  • Bovada has left no stone unturned in making the betting gamut available to the bettors as and when they want. With the mobile optimized version of the website, it has also launched the Bovada App to let the users place their bets through their smart phones itself. They get an access to every services akin to that in the desktop view.
  • You definitely can't miss out on the Bovada bonuses and offers available in the Promotions section. They not only offer some great returns or cash backs but also ensure that the bettors are duly motivated to continue with their betting spree.

The Bovada sportsbook is equipped with almost every feature that you can expect out of a sportsbook. So, just create your account now, place your bets and take home your winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't I login with Bovada?

    There are several reasons that may act as a hindrance while you log in to your Bovada account. Some of them are as follows:

    • You have not entered the email address registered to your account.
    • Entered the password with Caps Lock on as passwords are case sensitive.
    • Not entered the password with right spaces and this can happen if you copy and paste your email or password.
    • Your cache is over flowing with old information that might prevent you from logging in.

    If your problem isn’t solved from checking all this, then try resetting your password through the Forgot Password link.

  • What to do if I forget the ID that I used to log in with?

    In case   you forget the login id, you can mail the sportsbook  or chat with one of the Live Chat agents.

    To help you locate your account, you need to provide the following details:

    • First and last name.
    • State of residence (as listed on the account).
    • Answers to your security questions (4-digit PIN and Date of Birth).
  • Can I use another person's credit card?

    Bovada allows you to only use that credit card which is under your name and matches your Bovada account information. It follows this policy to ensure security and safety of transactions while making a deposit.
  • How can I cancel my Bovada withdrawal?

    A withdrawal can be canceled only if has not yet been processed. However, you are allowed to  lower the requested amount once it is approved. Just do as follows:

    • Log in to your account and click the silhouette icon at the top of the page.
    • Click on  'Pending Withdrawal(s)' given below your balance. Then choose' Review' if the withdrawal has not yet been processed,  and then click 'Cancel'.
    • Click ‘Yes’ when you are asked to confirm your cancel request. The funds will immediately be transferred to your account balance.
    • An account message confirming the cancelled request will then be shown.
  • How can I update my profile information on Bovada?

    You need to do the following if you want to update your profile information:

    • Click the profile icon at the top of the page.
    • Then choose 'Profile Settings' from the menu.
    • Make the necessary updates to your account information and click ‘Save’.
    • In certain cases, you may be required to confirm your information by entering your 4-Digit PIN.
  • What if I lose connectivity in the middle of a game ?

    To tackle such cases, the system of the sportsbook ensures that any bets that you have made prior to the disconnectivity will remain in play and the game will be completed thereafter. Your winnings will be credited to your betting account if you win the bet.

  • Am I allowed to forfeit a bonus?

    Yes, you can do so but it is important to note that any winnings earned from that bonus will be permanently removed from your account along with the associated bonus funds. You can do so by following the below mentioned steps:

    • Click the silhouette icon at the top of the page
    • Click at  'Rewards'.
    • Under Active Bonuses, click ‘Bonus Description’. You can also click the drop-down arrow to the right and then choose 'Forfeit Bonus'
    • Click on 'Forfeit' and your bonus will be removed.