Using Neteller for Deposit at Cricket betting sites

One of the best deposit methods for adding money in your sportsbetting account.

Owned by the British company Paysafe Group Plc, Neteller is a fast and secure e-wallet or digital wallet service that you can use for transferring money to and from merchants including online betting websites. A signup is all you need (which of course is free) to create an account and get started. Neteller can be seen as an online bank, only that it does not offer other bank services like loans to its clients. It is essentially a free online payment processor that lets you deposit/withdraw money to/from other sites without having the need to use your credit/debit card every time.

When and Why to Use Neteller

Depending on the betting website or where you live, you may not be able to make a deposit using your credit/debit card. Sometimes, transfers via cards get declined on certain sportsbooks while in some countries, it is illegal to gamble online and hence making transactions to betting sites is prohibited.

This is where e-wallets like Neteller can be used to fix such problems as banks do not impose any restrictions on making transactions to them. You can first deposit funds to Neteller and then from Neteller to the sportsbook of your choice. Another advantage of using Netellar is that your bank account details are kept safe as you don't have to disclose your card details to multiple betting sites. Plus, withdrawing money from a Neteller account is very easy and convenient. All in all, Neteller is a simple, secure and fast alternative to the conventional deposit methods.

How to Create and Fund a Neteller Account?

Though a lengthy process, creating an account with Neteller is very simple and once you've done that, you will be transferring money to and from your betting account in a jiffy. Just follow the below five-step procedure to ensure you don't end up making any errors while creating and funding your Neteller account.

Step 01 Go to Neteller Website

Visit for the registration of your account. You will find the green-coloured 'Join for free' button in the middle-left of the screen or a link for the same at the top right. Click either and you will be taken to the next screen which will ask you to fill up a signup form.

Step 02 Fill Out the Signup Form

You just need to fill in the required information which is mainly personal details and security information for keeping your account protected. While selecting 'Account currency', make sure you select only the currency in which you will be making all the future transactions as it cannot be changed once the account has been created. You will also need to answer some security questions which are important as these will help verify your account should you lose your account details.

Step 03 Confirm Your Neteller Account

Upon clicking the 'Open account' button, you will be directed to a new screen which has some text displayed, informing you that a mail has been sent to your e-mail address. To confirm your account, you will need to click the confirmation link sent to your e-mail. Your unique Neteller Secure ID will be shown there and you will need to keep it safe for accessing your account and making transactions. At this stage, your account has been created and now all that's left are the verification and funding parts.

Step 04 Verify Your Neteller Account

Once your account has been created, you will receive an e-mail containing the details of your Neteller account. To verify your account, you will need to click on 'unverified'. This will take you to a new screen where you will be required to upload your verification documents (driver license or passport). You will receive a notification upon successful verification of your account within one working day.

Step 05 Fund Your Neteller Account

After you're done with the verification process, it's now time to fill your newly created Neteller account with some money. Depending on your country of residence, Neteller offers a wide range of deposit options to choose from. You can go with the most popular payment processors like MasterCard and VISA or you can even transfer funds to your account via local bank transfer. Please see that while bank wire transfers are free, you will be charged a certain amount of fee with the other options.

Below is a step-wise explanation on how to fund a Neteller account in case you're still unsure of the funding procedure.

Step 1 :- Log in to Your Neteller Account

Sign in to your Neteller account by entering the account ID, Secure ID and password that you set while creating your account.

Step 2 :- Select Deposit

Click on 'Deposit' located on the left side of your screen under Account menu.

Step 3 :- Choose Deposit Option

Pick your preferred method of deposit from the choices available, enter the amount you wish to deposit and then click 'continue' to initiate the funding process.

Once you've funded your Neteller account, you are ready to make deposits to online cricket betting sites. You won't be charged any fee for transferring money to and from your betting account.

Transferring Money from Neteller to Bet365

Making deposits in your betting account at Bet365 from Neteller is very easy. But before you begin, make sure you have $50 or more in your Neteller account as Bet365 does not accept deposits less than $50 made via this e-wallet.

Step 1 :- Sign in to Your Bet365 Account

Visit the Bet365 website. Enter your username and password and then click 'GO' to log in to your account.

Step 2 :- Go to 'Deposit'

After you've logged into your account, go to the 'Services' menu at the top-right corner of the screen and click on 'Deposit' from the many options listed.

Step 3 :- Select Neteller as Your Payment Method

Clicking on 'Deposit' will take you to a new screen where you will be asked to fill up some fields. Select 'Neteller' as your payment method and the currency in which you will be making the transfer. Then enter your Neteller security ID, the amount you wish to deposit in your betting account (should not be less than $50) followed by your password. Hitting the 'Make Deposit' button will complete the transaction, meaning that you now have money in your betting account at Bet365.

Now all that's left is to make use of this money for placing your bets on your favorite betting markets. Refer our How to Bet on Bet365 section to learn how to place a bet at Bet365.