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KKR vs DC Head To Head Record - IPL 2022

IPL 2022 Match 19 - Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians head to head records. Detailed information for KKR vs DC head to head stats

Posted Date: Apr 08, 2022

Posted By: Joy

KKR vs DC Head To Head Record - IPL 2022
KKR vs DC Head To Head Record - IPL 2022

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Capitals

While KKR have not played their best cricket so far, they have fetched wins in three of the four games they have played. They won their first game against CSK then lost their next to RCB. They beat Punjab and Mumbai in next two games to seal the top spot in points table.

Meanwhile, Delhi won the first game against Mumbai but lost their next two games to Gujarat and Lucknow.

KKR vs DC Head to Head

While both teams have been competitive against each other, Kolkata are marginally ahead in the head to head. KKR have won 16 of 29 matches played between these two teams. Delhi, on the other hand, have won just 13

KKR vs DC Head to Head Stats

Matches KKR Won DC won
31 16 13

What happened in the last match between these two teams?

Both teams last met in Qualifier 2 of the IPL 2021, where Kolkata beat Delhi to progress to the final. It was a low scoring match where Delhi could only post 135-5 in their 20 overs, with Shikhar Dhawan scoring 36 and Shreyas Iyer scoring 30.

KKR got a good start with Shubman Gill scoring 46 and Venkatesh Iyer making 55. However, they lost their way in the middle and were able to chase the target on the penultimate ball of the match.

KKR vs DC Head to Head Stats

Date Winner Won by Venue
13-Oct-2021 Kolkata Knight Riders 3 Wickets Sharjah
28-Sept-2021 Kolkata Knight Riders 3 Wickets Sharjah
29-Apr-2021 Delhi Capitals 7 Wickets Ahmedabad
24-Oct-2020 Kolkata Knight Riders 59 Runs Abu Dhabi
3-Oct-2020 Delhi Capitals 18 Runs Sharjah
12-Apr-2019 Delhi Capitals 7 Wickets Kolkata
30-Mar-2019 Delhi Capitals One-over eliminator Delhi
27-Apr-2018 Delhi Daredevils 55 Runs Delhi
16-Apr-2018 Kolkata Knight Riders 71 Runs Kolkata
28-Apr-2017 Kolkata Knight Riders 7 Wickets Kolkata
17-Apr-2017 Kolkata Knight Riders 4 Wickets Delhi
29-Apr-2016 Delhi Daredevils 27 Runs Delhi
9-Apr-2016 Kolkata Knight Riders 9 Wickets Kolkata
6-May-2015 Kolkata Knight Riders 13 Runs Kolkata
19-Apr-2015 Kolkata Knight Riders 6 Wickets Delhi
6-May-2014 Kolkata Knight Riders 8 Wickets Delhi
18-Apr-2014 Delhi Daredevils 4 Wickets Dubai
30-Apr-2013 Delhi Daredevils 7 Wickets Raipur
2-Apr-2013 Kolkata Knight Riders 6 Wickets Kolkata
12-Oct-2012 Delhi Daredevils* 52 Runs Centurion
21-May-2012 Kolkata Knight Riders 18 Runs Pune
6-May-2012 Kolkata Knight Riders 6 Wickets Delhi
4-Apr-2012 Delhi Daredevils 8 Wickets Kolkata
27-Apr-2011 Kolkata Knight Riders 17 Runs Delhi
6-Apr-2010 Kolkata Knight Riders 14 Runs Kolkata
28-Mar-2010 Delhi Daredevils 40 Runs Delhi
9-May-2009 Delhi Daredevils 7 Wickets Johannesburg
4-May-2009 Delhi Daredevils 9 Wickets Durban
21-May-2008 Abandoned Delhi  
12-May-2008 Kolkata Knight Riders 23 Runs Kolkata