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Where to watch the Asia Cup 2022 live

Find out the all the details about the live streaming and tv channels to watch upcoming Asia Cup 2022

Posted Date: Aug 28, 2022

Posted By: Bren Gray

Where to watch the Asia Cup 2022 live
Where to watch the Asia Cup 2022 live

This Saturday afternoon, the much anticipated Asia Cup 2022 begins.

With six teams from across Asia competing to win the largest non-ICC tournament, its T20 format will provide excellent preparation for sides heading into October’s T20 World Cup. Running from 27 August until 11 September, the tournament will feature India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, as well as one qualifying team—either Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait or the UAE.

Such a packed schedule of action begs the question: How can the Asia Cup 2022 be watched?

Read on to find all the details of how to live stream the Asia Cup 2022 in your home country.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in India

Broadcast rights for this year’s Asia Cup are held by the Star Sports Network in India.

This means that the matches can be watched live on the Star Sports channels through television, or streamed live online, on the Hotstar app or website.

India’s state network DD Sports also has the rights for the Asia Cup 2022, and the games can be watched on any television, or through the platform’s live TV portal online.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in Pakistan

For Pakistani fans, PTV Sports and Ten Sports hold the broadcast rights for all the Asia Cup 2022 games.

However, PTV has sublicensed the streaming rights to Daraz, an Alibaba-owned shopping platform, which has a streaming service called Tapmad. The online platform will provide live coverage of every game across the Asia Cup 2022.

Those based in Pakistan are able to stream through the Tapmad service online, or simply watch the games on TV through Ten Sports.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, broadcast rights are held by Gazi TV, known as GTV.

Through its website, fans with a subscription are able to live stream Asia Cup 2022 matches on the GTV platform.

As well as this, all games are available to be watched live on GTV’s cable television network.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in Afghanistan

The rights to this year’s Asia Cup tournament are held by Ariana TV in Afghanistan.

That means that fans based in Afghanistan will be able to watch their side’s Asia Cup 2022 matches through the private television channel, if they have a subscription.

There also appears to be an option of watching Ariana TV online as well, for those who have signed up—though this detail is awaiting final confirmation.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan fans are able to watch the Asia Cup 2022 through SLRC, or Channel Eye.

This network holds the broadcasting rights for the tournament, and has a live webcast service that intends to also stream all of the Asia Cup 2022 games on the internet.

Operated by the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, cricket fans can either choose to watch the games streaming online, or on their television through Channel Eye.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in Australia

Broadcasting behemoth Fox Sports holds the rights to show the Asia Cup 2022 games in Australia.

For those cricketing fans in Australia who don’t have a Fox Sports subscription however, there is good news, as all of the games will also be streamed live online through the streaming platform Yupp TV.

With multiple options for watching, Australian fans can watch on as their Asian rivals battle it out over the next two weeks for the title of Asia Cup 2022.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in New Zealand

Dominant sports content provider Sky Sports has again secured the broadcast rights to all of the Asia Cup games in New Zealand.

Black Cap fans in New Zealand can keep an eye out on their competition for the upcoming T20 World Cup, by either watching the matches through a Sky Sports channel on TV, or Sky’s live streaming option on their website, known as Sky Go.

Fans have the option of watching on the Sky Go website, or through the Sky Go app on mobile devices.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in South Africa

In South Africa, the nation’s SuperSport network holds the broadcast and streaming rights for the Asia Cup 2022.

This means that fans are able to either watch through their television, or online through SuperSports website or app, provided that they have a subscription to the SuperSports network.

With their own team soon competing against these Asian sides in the T20 World Cup, South African fans won’t want to miss this action.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in the USA

With a large immigrant community in the USA still supporting their home country’s cricket sides, the USA forms a critical viewer base for this year’s Asia Cup 2022 games.

Multiple ways to watch the tournament are available in America, with Willow TV, ESPN Sports and Hotstar sharing the broadcast rights.

Hotstar has its own application which fans can watch the Asia Cup on, while ESPN Sports is also available online through its app or website.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in the UK

Similar to America, the UK has a large fan base for teams such as India and Pakistan competing in the Asia Cup 2022.

Hotstar is also available in the UK, where fans can live stream all the Asia Cup 2022 games online through the Hotstar app. As well as this, Sky Sports has the TV broadcast rights, so subscribers can catch the game on television or at their local pub through this platform also.

There’s no reason to miss out on any Asia Cup 2022 games if you’re based in the UK.

How to Live Stream the Asia Cup 2022 in the Middle East

Finally, fans of cricket living in the Middle East are able to access the Asia Cup 2022 games online as well.

Those based in the United Arab Emirates will be able to view a live telecast online through the OSN Sports Cricket network—that is, if they aren’t able to make it to one of the 13 matches being played live in the United Arab Emirates!

With six teams competing furiously for the title of Asia Cup 2022 winner, this tournament represents the largest non-ICC cricket event. Viewership will be high as fans tune in to support their favourite team and see how they are building ahead of the T20 World Cup.

Multiple options for live streaming the Asia Cup 2022 exist around the world—make sure not to miss out on any of these closely contested games.