Frequently asked questions

Get answers to What's, Why's, How's and When's of online Cricket Betting. Frequently Asked Questions here will tell you that betting online on Cricket is not a rocket-science, it's pure entertainment and a little bit of smart thinking!

Do I need to be a Cricket expert?

Not really. You must be someone who follows cricket enough to know the game rules. You don't need to be an analyst or expert on teams and players, but knowing what a Six or a boundary or century is must when picking abet type.

Is the sign up free for all sites?

Most of the bookmakers are known to offer free registration with a deposit amount required only when you are ready to bet. Each online cricket betting site has its own bonus feature that lets you earn a little over the deposit made at your end.

Do you provide Cricket Betting?

No, we do not provide any form of betting. We are just a review based site with articles and news and information on Cricket betting. Neither do we work with any bookmaker nor do we have rights to provide betting. Please check our Disclaimer page for more information on this.

How legal is Cricket Betting?

The legality clause for cricket betting varies from country to country, while most of these bookmakers are set up in countries abroad and thus fall in jurisdiction of different countries but you must always crosscheck with the betting laws in your country. Make sure you are aware of local cricket betting laws of your countries before you start betting.

How do i know if i'm eligible for betting?

You must check with local laws of the country you belong to. Some countries like India, Pakistan and others do not support cricket betting. For more information, you must refer to websites offering such information or you could always check with the betting site you wish to sign-up with.

Each bookmaker has its own betting laws for accepting people from different countries.

Can I sign-up with more than one betting site?

Yes, you can always sign-up with more than one website. Only things topping you from registering with more multiple bookmakers is the condition of these sites accepting users from your resident country. If you can find trusted cricket betting sites that are open to users from your country, its safe to sign-up with multiple sites.

What are the things I should look for in a betting site?

This is wide question and should be answered with another question: what do you want from your cricket betting site? Live streaming, in play betting events, secure sign-up and banking, wider cricket tournaments and events, fine list of betting options and a trusted platform. These could be some of the many things to add in your check list. Also, don't forget you must check if the website is open to your country, has a reputation to vouch for and includes cricket in its list of sports for betting.

Is it really possible to make money by betting on cricket?

Why not like any other sports, cricket has its odds and profits. When spent good number of time betting cricket you would found you've made more than you expected but it is always suggested to start slow and easy. Don't rush. A little failure must be taken in consideration when setting a betting budget.

What do i do if i’m facing trouble using the betting site?

Once you pick your online cricket betting website, sign-up and register you become their privileged customer or user. At any time or moment when you find yourself stuck or lost you can always get in touch with their assistance or support team. Each cricket betting site or bookmaker has its own support section to answer your queries.

Is sign-up with these bookmakers always free? Do I really need to deposit money?

Most of the trusted and recognized sportsbooks, as featured on this website, are known for their 100% free registration. Creating an account is free and easy with no complicated forms or paper trail.

But to bet or start wagering money on your Cricket or any other game, you would have to make a deposit as low as $10 or $25 depending upon the platform you pick. Remember these deposits are your money and are used to help you put bet or money on the game. Its like your betting wallet. Money is safe and can be withdrawn.

For nay further concerns, you could always chat or contact the customer support of these bookmakers whoa re available 24/7.

What if I don't know how to bet? Can i still bet on cricket?

Online cricket betting is easy ad needs no training. You can find articles on 'How to Bet' for the bookmakers we have listed. Read these steps to get a basic idea. You can also search internet for wide number of betting related articles to help you understand betting and its type.

Its no brainier, you pick a team and you bet on what you think has high chance of winning, a team, player making century, probability of the toss and more.

I don't have an iPhone, do they have a mobile app for Android phones?

Sportsbook offering Cricket betting online work on state of the art technology to offer anytime, anywhere hassle free betting through mobile apps. These cricket betting mobile sites work on all formats from Android to iOS while offering secure, swift and excellent betting services.

It is always better to sign-up with a bookmaker with a mobile app, as you can enjoy the same level of quality betting on your smart phone even on the go. Which means you can add bets on your Betslip, add stake and start betting without being around your laptop or desktop; these apps also allows you to check your betting status on your phone. All you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go.